Galaxy Starter Set + Bag
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ArtNo: 5950

Galaxy Starter Set + Bag

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5 of 5. Krzysztof Wrzeszcz, Zlotow (Competing Locally, 100-135m)

perfect gift

My friend bought this for his daughter, now we are waiting when she will be better than us.

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Shooting star is a 7 speed driver. The unique low profile design cuts through the wind with a steady consistent gentle flip. This is a great disc for medium power throwers and can be used by power throwers for long rollers. The Shooting Star is slightly under stable. We recommend this disc to people who throw between 150 ft and 300 ft. This will find you the extra distance and glide you are looking for.
SPEED: 7 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -2 | FADE: 1

Orbit is an over stable midrange. This design is suitable for even the strongest throwers. Throw this with confidence in any wind conditions. You can count on this disc, to help lower your score.
SPEED: 5 | GLIDE: 4 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 3

The Magneton is a very straight, stable flyer, which has medium glide. We challenge all the other putters with this model. This putter will become a trusted disc for approach shots as well.
SPEED: 2 | GLIDE: 3 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 2

The E Class plastic has taken a very long time to develop. The TPE used in this blend has a more grippy feel, along with above average durability for this level of plastic. Grip, Durability, Reliability all in one, at a price you will love.
Starter Set (+ bag)'s'
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