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Q & A

If you do not get an answer here, feel free to contact us!

1. Assortment
2. Payments
3. Discounts
4. Orders
5. Deliveries
6. Returns & Complaints

1. Assortment

❒   Color/Stamp Requests and More
❒   When do you get in ...?

❒   Questions about disc profile, colors, stamps and more

If you have a request for disc / stamp colors, you can write a customer message when you place your order. This is what you do in the checkout otherwise: " Write a message to discsport! ". If your request involves extra manual handling, for example that we should check for flat disks, expect that there may be a day's delay as we handle these orders after everyone who does not require extra manual handling.

Also keep in mind that if you instead email us requests after you have placed your order, it is not certain that it will be read before your order is packed! This is because order picking often goes faster than customer service.

So feel free to email us before you place an order if there is something you want us to look into.

❒   When to ni in ...?

Often we only have preliminary delivery dates to use. And in cases where the manufacturer has run out of an item, it is difficult for us to know when we might have it in stock again.

Therefore, our best tip is: Go to the article you are interested in, click on " Get Restock " and fill in your email and any wishes. Then you will be notified as soon as restock happens!

2. Payment

❒   What payment options do you have?
❒   Card payment doesnt work!
❒   Why do I not see invoicing as a payment option?
❒   When will the invoice come from Svea?

❒  Which payment options do you have?

We use Svea Checkout. There are a number of different payment options:
Card, Swish, Bank transfer, Invoice, Partial payment, Account.

Which of these is displayed depends, among other things, on whether you have shopped before and whether you enter your social security number or not.

❒  Card payment doesnt work!

Our PSP (payment service provider) SVEA takes VISA and MASTERCARD. American Express is not supported at the moment. Please note 3D-Secure could be mandatory.

if you can't get payment go through with SVEA checkout you can go to our other checkout and choose PayPal or try Card Payment with NETS instead.

❒   Why see I do not invoice as a payment option?

If you have entered your social security number and invoice is still not included as a payment option, a credit check has denied this payment method. If you want more about why, you can contact Svea customer service: 08 - 51 49 31 13, swp@svea.com.

❒   ​​When to invoice from Svea

Invoice is sent from Svea by email. (about 1 day after order is sent from us). The invoice is then also available at mypages.svea.com .

3. Discounts

❒   How does the club discount work?
❒   Why am I not getting a club discount?
❒   Where do I enter my discount code?
❒ What happens if I don't use the entire gift card?
❒ Do you have a price guarantee?

❒   How it works club discount?

If your club is affiliated with our club discount, you have the opportunity to get a disc discount every time you shop. The discount is EUR .5 - 1.5 / disc! See affiliated clubs

❒   Why get I do not have a club discount?

Remember that it is the club, not us, that handles your club discount. On the page Discounts & Points allow you to see the status of your club discount. Here is also contact information for the club manager for the discount.

Common reasons why the discount does not work is that the email the club reggaed does not match the one you have; your discsport account or that valid date has expired. Also, double check that you did not miss to enter club under My customer details .

❒   Where do I use my discount code?

At checkout under " Other ".

❒ What happens if I don't use the entire gift card?

If you do not use the entire gift card amount, a new code is created with the remaining amount. You will receive the new code in your confirmation email

Note! Svea, which handles our payments, does not have a payment method to accept orders below 0 EUR. Then you can go to our old checkout by choosing "Pay in cash" (link under Svea's payment methods).

❒ Do you have a price guarantee?

We offer a price guarantee against ourselves, not against competitors. If you buy an item from us that is later reduced in price within the open purchase period (normally 30 days), then we will offer you the current lower price.

However, the price guarantee does not apply if the price reduction is known at the time of purchase, which is considered to be the case with major recurring campaigns such as Black Friday or if we posted about it on social media or on our campaign page https://discsport.se/campaigns.

4. Order

❒   I want to cancel my order!
❒   I want to add / remove items to my order!
❒   I want to change the address of my order!
❒   Can I ship my orders together (Co-freight)?
❒   Can my order be paused?

❒   I want to cancel my order!

You can cancel your order if it is not shipped or shipped. This is done on the page "My Orders" (required that you have an account with us).

1. Go to My orders and search for the order.
2. Click the " Cancel Order " to the right.

NOTE! It is not possible to cancel an order that is being dispatched or sent.

❒   I want to change in my order!

You can change your order if it is not shipped or shipped. This is done you under " My Orders ä Orders " (you must have an account with us).

1. Go to My orders and search for the order.
2. Click on the link " Update order " to open a new email window.
3. Fill in the desired changes.

Keep in mind that it can take about 1 extra day before the order can be sent. If what you want to add or change to is not in stock, we will contact you via email. This can then take another extra day.

❒   I want change address on my order!

If you have placed the order logged in to your account, you can change the address as long as your order is not dispatched or sent.

This is done under My Customer Information

You do not need to email us as we always take the delivery address from your profile.

❒   Can I ship my orders together (Co-freight)?

Yes, it is possible if your orders is placed on the same account and if they have not yet been processed by the warehouse.

Click on "co-freight" in checkout under "3. Other". (if this option is not available, there are no possible orders to co-freight).

If you have already placed an order, you can select co-freight under your order list on the page My Orders.

If there is shipping credit, we will load your discsport account with this amount. The shipping credit is then deducted on the next order.

❒ Can my order be paused?

Yes, it can be done via "my pages". Pausing an order means that it will be sent, just a little later. Pause your order if, for example, you are going to place an additional order that is to be shipped together (co-freight) or need to update address information. ATTENTION! A paused order cannot be canceled. My orders

5. Deliveries

❒   What shipping options are available and what does shipping cost?
❒   When will I receive my package?
❒   How do I track my package?
❒   Can I change package delivery point?

❒   What does it cost shipping?

Shipping price is based on å the weight of the order. See current prices .

❒   What delivery time is it?

Current delivery times.

❒   Where is my package?

Package No. / Shipping ID to track your package, you will receive in the confirmation email from us when the order is packed. You can also find it under My Orders .

Schenker: skicka.dbschenker.com
Postnord: postnord.se
UPS: ups.com

❒   Can I choose / change delivery point?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the delivery location after you have placed your order.

6. Returns & Complaints

❒   I want to return items!
❒   I want to make a complaint!

❒   I want to return an item!

Returns must be unused, whole and clean and in undamaged original packaging if available. For golf discs, of course, they must be discarded. Returns can only be accepted upon presentation of a receipt. Any return shipping will not be refunded.

Contact us (add your order number in the subject line) always by email before you send something back to us so we can register your return.

Return Address
Swedish Discsport
Skeberga 200
747 94 Alunda

Pack your return Use the discsport packaging with which the product was delivered. Add to the package a copy of receipt / invoice (or a note with name and order number).

Refund When the return is registered with us, a refund will be made. It is done in the same way as we received payment. Alternatively, you can get the sum credited. We will then load your account on discsport with the sum.

NOTE! We do not change products. If you regret a product and want something else, you need to return this as above and then place a new order for the desired product.

❒   I want to make a complaint!

Contact us as soon as you discover the error (add your order number in the subject line). We need to get a picture that clearly shows what is wrong. We handle each complaint individually and will get back to you as soon as we have made an assessment. Save your delivery note / receipt until the complaint is complete. In the event of an approved complaint, we will of course be responsible for shipping, return shipping and overhead costs for the product you have complained about.

Applicable discs:
Complain the disc if it has visible defects, such as scratches, nicks, incorrect shape or unfinished finish or if the pressure is poor or incorrect. We can not approve complaints based on test throw where, for example, you are dissatisfied with the disc's flying properties or think that the stability does not correspond with the disc manufacturers' figures or what you expected.

Before returning a complaint, it needs to be approved and registered by us.

If the complaint is approved, a shipping label for the return will be sent to you. NOTE! If you want to send in another way, you must contact us first and check the shipping cost.

Refund will be made after we receive the return. It is done in the same way as we received payment. Alternatively, you can get the sum credited to your discsport account.

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