Returns & Complaints

Discsport follows the Consumer Buying Act / E-Commerce Act ("Konsumentköplagen") that are available here: Consumer Agency website.

1. Replace / Undo purchase
2. Advertise product

Note! Please contact us before returning if we are to refund the return shipping.

1. Replace / Undo purchase

You who buy goods or services online have the right to two vapor bags (14 days).

Returns must be undamaged, complete and clean and in undamaged original packaging, if any. Returns can only be accepted for receipt of receipt. Any return fee is not refundable.
To return:

1) Please use the discsport package with which the product was shipped.

2) Put a copy of the receipt / invoice in the package and note your changes. (if you're missing this, add a note with info about the order & the change).

When the return is submitted to discsport, we will send the replacement.

If you want to undo purchase, we will refund to the card / paypal-account used for payment (shipping fee not refundable). If payment has been made to our bank account, we need bank details (bank address, IBAN, Swift) in order to make a refund.

2. Advertise product

Advertise product Advertising an article requires first and foremost that it is unused. For golf discs, it means, for example, that they have not been tested. Advertise the golf disc if it has visible errors, such as scratches, hacks or uneven finishes or if the print is bad or incorrect. We can not approve complaints based on airline features or other "invisible errors", such as considering that stability does not override the number of disc manufacturers or what was expected.

To advertise:

Alt 1) If you can - send a picture of the defect product. We can then hopefully immediately take a decision you if the complaint can be approved or not.

Alt 2) Return the item to discsport for evaluation. Ideally use the discsport package with which the product was shipped. Request a return ticket if you do not already have one. Note! If you're not using our return label, please contact us first about shipping method and cost.

If the complaint is accepted, the value of the goods will be refunded + any return shipping. Alternatively, we can charge your account on discsport with the total sum.

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